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        CCTV, What can be better?
There are a wide range of security systems available and several CCTV systems. Common questions are 'do i really need a CCTV system?'  and ' is it better to have an alarm, CCTV or both?'
There is no 'yes or no' answer. each system has its own benefits and each setup has its own requirements. for example:
Intruder alarms: designed to protect your property from intruders and activate an audible siren on attempted entry, in some cases even contact a remote monitoring station with the possibility of Police assistance if required. intruder alarms can often be a more affordable solution to protecting your home or business.
CCTV SYSTEMS: just like an intruder alarm, a system designed to protect your property from intruders with the option of remote monitoring, but with the added benefit of monitoring health and safety. In addition to this, if an intruder was to approach your property, the chances are that you have caught them on camera which will answer many more questions than an intruder alarm alone, such as;
  • how many people were there?
  • which direction did they come from?
  • where have they been while at the property?
  • what is the description of the intruder? ie clothing, height & Build.
  • were they using a vehicle? you may be able to capture and index number leading you to the intruders address.
these are all questions asked when an incident has occurred and cannot be answered by an intruder alarm system alone.
Every system is different and is defined by customers requirements, if you wish to discuss your needs with one of our experienced surveyors then please contact us using the details in the 'contact us' section of our site. A surveyor will arrange to come to you to discuss your needs and even provide a demonstration of what you will benefit from by having a CCTV system installed.
NOTE: Please do not be fooled by cheap DIY systems, these system very rarely provide clear CCTV footage and often will not be considered for evidence in court. Most offenders can easily spot these systems.
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