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 Intruder alarm systems have never been more popular. unfortunately in the  age which we live, our towns and cities have seen more and more  homes and businesses of all sizes become victims of Burglary.
 we understand how distressing it can be when your home or business  has been intruded upon and during this time it can be difficult knowing  where to turn. looking online it is easy to find a cheap DIY alarm system  from some electronic stores or DIY specialists, the problem here is that  criminals know these systems and as they are not police compliant they  are not monitored by a central station. the other problem to be aware  of are the package deals which can be found through other companies,  although these package deals are very good as a starter system, they  often do not provide enough protection for the property in which it is  installed. 
 If you are looking to purchase an Intruder alarm system a member of  our team will arrange to meet with you at your property and discuss  your requirements and also carry out a site survey to point out the  vulnerable areas and recommended setup, in addition to this further  options can be discussed to increase your security to another level  should you wish to make your setup go further.
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